Lapeyre Stair’s Fabrication Lead Time Guarantee

Lapeyre Stair is the only dedicated stair manufacturer that offers a money-back guarantee for fabrication lead times to ensure your order arrives on site, on time, every time.

The Lapeyre Stair Guarantee1

Once final drawings are mutually approved:

  • Red Oxide Primed orders of less than $50k² ship within 20 working days
  • Galvanized orders of less than $50k² ship within 30 working days

If your order does not ship on the scheduled due date, a credit of $500 per day of delay will be issued³

Welded Egress Stair Lead Time Schedule

Order Price2 Regular Fabrication Expedited Fabrication5
Guaranteed Lead Time4 Up to $50k 20 Days 15 Days
Standard Lead Time4 $50k - $75k 25 Days 20 Days
$75k - $100k 30 Days 25 Days
Sequenced Lead Time4 $100k and up Shipments will be sequenced based on the above lead times.6

NOTE: Above lead times apply to standard product orders only. Lead times for specialty products will be determined on a case-by-case basis. (Include link to Standard Product Details PDF)

  1. The Lapeyre Stair Guarantee does not apply under the following conditions: (a) You make any changes to your order (Note: change orders must be submitted in writing); (b) You request a cessation or delay of work on your product or take any actions that result in a cessation or delay of work on your product (Note: requests of this nature must be submitted in writing); (c) Lapeyre Stair is unable to complete the order on time due to extraordinary circumstances outside of Lapeyre Stair’s reasonable control. This includes, but is not limited to, weather events (e.g. hurricanes or tornadoes), fire, or acts of terrorism.
  2. Excluding shipping costs.
  3. Up to a maximum of 20% of the total purchase price (excluding shipping costs.)
  4. Lead time is working days and excludes holidays/weekends.
  5. Expedited fabrication fee is 10% of total order (excluding shipping costs.)
  6. For orders of $100k and up, a custom fabrication and delivery schedule will be determined based on project needs.