Bolted Egress Stairs

Steel Bolted Egress Stairs

Steel bolted egress stair systems, Lapeyre's most cost­-effective models, are completely pre-engineered, require no welding during installation, and can be quoted and detailed within minutes over the phone.

The modular design of these steel bolted egress stair systems simplifies on­site assembly, eliminating the need for certified welders and expensive installation equipment. The erection bolt design is quickly and easily installed, making it an expedient, cost­-effective solution for tricky retrofits and renovations across a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

Steel bolted egress stairs provide an excellent alternative to welded stairs in industrial zones where fire is a hazard and welding is not permitted.

Steel Bolted Egress Stair Benefits

  • Receive pricing and project drawings within minutes over the phone.
  • Reduce the cost of design, fabrication, shipping and assembly.
  • Assemble easily and quickly even in compact spaces.
  • Eliminate the need for welding and expensive installation equipment.
  • Simplify retrofits and renovations.
  • Provide safe access in zones where fire is a hazard.
Steel Powdercoat - Equipment Access

Steel Bolted Egress Stair Case Study: Blast Cleaning Technologies


Employees of Blast Cleaning Technologies required safe access to the 16 wheel Monorail Shot Blasting System built by Blast Cleaning Technologies of New Berlin, Wisconsin.


Lapeyre Stair's in-house engineering team customized the Model 01/02 Steel Bolted Egress Stairs to meet Blast Cleaning Technology's needs and shipped the system unassembled.


The stair system was quickly assembled on-site, providing an affordable, secure alternative egress system that provides maintenance-friendly access throughout the machine.

Applications of Steel Bolted Egress Stair Models

Steel Bolted Egress Stair Models 01/02
  • Industrial egress stairs
  • Industrial Equipment access stairs
  • Mezzanine access stairs
  • Industrial secondary access stairs

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Steel Bolted Egress Stair Models 03/04
  • Commercial egress stairs
  • Industrial secondary access stairs
  • Accessible commercial egress stairs
  • Commercial residential egress stairs

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