Continuing Education

Simplified Steel Stair Design for Commercial and Institutional Buildings

Welded Egress Stairs

Course Description

While architects determine the location for stairways in a building based on basic design and regulatory parameters, stair fabricators can provide assistance to architects during the design phase on the many details and options available in metal stair construction/fabrication. Some stair fabricators provide "trial shop drawings" during the design phase, allowing the architect to coordinate the completed stairs into the building in a CAD or BIM environment. This course will examine how architects and metal stair fabricators and manufacturers can work together through an integrated design process in a truly collaborative manner to simplify the design and construction of stair systems in buildings.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify and recognize the overall parameters, general code requirements, and preliminary design outcomes in a building stair design.
  • Determine the specific requirements and options for stair treads, risers, and landings in building stair systems.
  • Differentiate between the specific requirements and options for stair guards and handrails in commercial and industrial buildings.
  • Formulate construction specifications for steel stair systems, working in concert with recognized standards and specialty fabricators.

Course Specifications

LENGTH 1 hour
TARGET AUDIENCE Architects, engineers, specifiers, designers, contractors, owners, developers, facility managers, and students
DELIVERY METHOD Offered online through McGraw-Hill Continuing Education Center at