Simplified design approach for cost-effective stair systems

Lapeyre Stair's design approach incorporates standard details with pre­-engineered, modular components to allow for quick customization, guaranteed fabrication lead times, and ZERO quality defects. This approach provides the flexibility needed to meet virtually any industrial or commercial application while greatly reducing the cost and lead times of a true custom stair system.

  • Pre­­engineered, standardized components and details
  • Compliance with all applicable building codes
  • Expert guidance in design standards, codes, and regulations
  • Highly versatile and customizable

Commercial Use of Lapeyre Stair Systems

Spend less on the renovation and construction of sports complexes, convention centers, hotels, and other commercial structures without compromising on harmonious design elements.

Mercedes-Benz Dealership
Mercedes Benz Dealership

The dealership's strict schedule was effortlessly accommodated by customizing a pre­­-engineered picket railing stair system in less than four weeks.

Southern Yacht Club
Southern Yacht Club

Equipping the three ­story Southern Yacht Club with an architectural center stairway, two egress stairs with concrete pans and picket rails, and an exterior stair proved cost­­effective and efficient with harmonizing designs and modular components.

Sky Zone
Sky Zone

This unique fitness center took advantage of Lapeyre Stair's highly customizable modular components to equip the space with platforms, legs, and mezzanines.

Institutional Use of Lapeyre Stair Systems

Keep construction and renovation projects on schedule and within budget by selecting from Lapeyre's customizable stainless steel staircases.

Courthouse Parking Garage

Installation of two stair towers in this seven ­story parking garage was simplified by combining custom features such as support legs and angle­ clip­ supports with concrete pan stair treads, picket guardrails, and other standard features.

Public Works Building
Public Works

The renovation of a public works building achieved balanced harmony by pairing wire mesh panel guardrails with custom wood­ inlay stair treads.

Bayou Lafourche Vertical Lift Bridge
Bayou Lafourche Vertical Lift Bridge

The Alternating Tread Stair provides space­-saving, secure access to the mechanics of the bridge when maintenance is needed. The system allows easy, forward­facing descent for maintenance workers.

Industrial Use of Lapeyre Stair Systems

From space­­saving stair designs like Lapeyre's Alternating Tread Stairs to landing and platforms, workers are given safe passage and aerial access to equipment at competitive rates.

Intralox Plastics Plant

By installing Lapeyre's unique bolt­­-together egress stair systems with solid, filler ­panel guardrails in this plastics manufacturing facility, the need for certified welders was eliminated, reducing costs significantly. In addition, more than twenty sets of space­­-saving Alternating Tread Stairs and platforms allowed easy, secure access to equipment in the 92,643­­-square foot facility.

Nuclear Power Facility
Nuclear Power Facility

The Lapeyre Alternating Tread Stair has been utilized in numerous nuclear power plants around the country. Combined with safety gates, crossover systems, and equipment access, the ATS provides safe passage through tight spaces.

Residential Use of Lapeyre Stair Systems

Historical highrises and newly constructed apartment complexes alike will benefit from the easily customizable design options and competitive rates offered by Lapeyre Stair's in­­-house design and engineering team.

The 200 Carondelet Apartments

On­site storage space was conserved during the renovation of this 24 ­story historic highrise by delivering stairs and picket guardrails in segments as needed.

The Preserve Apartments
Preserve Apartments

Four steel­­--framed stair towers with picket guardrails were provided in stages to maximize on­­ site storage space during the construction of this four­-story, mid­­--rise residential complex.